The wines


Down in the valley, by the river Dora Baltea, there are signs of winegrowing from remote times. The Aosta Valley is a terrain full of contrasts which also applies to the wine-growing. On one extreme there is Pont-Saint-Martin, where at 300 meters even exotic plants grow, on the other there is Morgex, where at 1200 meters the fir-trees and larches stretch up against the mountain chain of Mont Blanc.

During the centuries the winegrowers have changed the aspect of the region, and you can experience this fascinating world by following the short "Route des Vins" and the cooperatives that produce and sell the 20 DOC wines of the Aosta Valley.

In the Aosta Valley the winegrowing has ancient traditions and the first documents found date back to 1032 and 1035. The importance of this activity can be found on the paintings on the walls of the castles and medieval churches. In the past wine was mostly drunk by the farmers to give energy in their hard work, but from medieval times it was frequent on the tables of the nobility and clergy.