The "Route des vins"

To admire the vineyards of the 20 DOC wines of the valley one takes the above mentioned route partly by the road SS 26 and SS 27 but mostly along the less frequented roads, in order to admire the characteristic localities. The road enables you to visit the various cooperatives, to make a stop and taste the wines and the local gastronomic specialities. At Donnas, Arnad, Chambave and Morgex you also find restaurants serving local dishes.



The "caves coopératives"

In the sixties the winegrowing people of the valley felt it was time to gather their forces in order to overcome the weaknesses of the singular agriculture. Today the cooperative are the following:


  • Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle, at Morgex
  • Co-Enfer Arvier, at Arvier
  • Cooperativa des Onze Communes, st Aymavilles
  • La Crotta di Vignerons, at Chambave
  • La Kiuva, at Arnad
  • Caves Coopératives de Donnas, at Donnas.