The cheeses


In the heart of the highest mountains of the Alps we find the most beautiful green pastures which seem to be stretching practically into the sky. The territory of the Aosta Valley lies on a medium altitude of about 2100 metres above sea level, while a consistent part of the region lies over 2700 metres.

From time immemorial on the alpine pastures and in the dairies there has been a production of a cheese called Fontina. Fontina is today the pillar of the dairying economy, and in the culinary tradition this delicate cheese is very often used.

Of course other types of cheese are produced from milk, with names such as Fromadzo, Reblec and Seras.

This variety of products are appreciated by those who desire a genuine alimentation rich and nourishing, complete with the local butter.


A document of 1270 reveal the existence of a mountaineer called Peroninus de Fontines and a pastures in the locality of Fontines from wich in all probability the name Fontina derive.